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Q: Why can’t I eat or drink anything while in labor?

A: Any time anesthesia might be required, an empty stomach is preferred to decrease the risks associated with vomiting. Digestion of food slows significantly during labor. Oral intake should be limited to clear liquids while you are at home. Once you decide to come to the hospital or your obstetrician instructs you to come to the hospital, do not eat or drink anything until you have been admitted and evaluated on the labor/delivery unit. During labor, ice chips are available.

Q: What if I have significant medical problems or I have had problems related to anesthesia in the past?

A: Bring these problems to the attention of your obstetrician who will contact our group well in advance of your admission. Sometimes, a patient is asked to meet with an anesthesiologist before her due date to coordinate any special tests or additional consultations that might be needed. More often, consultation between your obstetrician and one of our anesthesiologists is sufficient.

Q: At what point may I have an epidural?

A: The decision to provide epidural analgesia will be made jointly by you and your obstetrical and anesthesia care teams. Our anesthesia group feels that no time is absolutely too early or too late to provide pain relief. However, before beginning an anesthetic, we will insist that you be examined by an obstetrician at least once following the onset or your labor. The above policy may be waived if we have knowledge that your obstetrician is on the way to examine you.

Q: Will an epidural alter the duration of labor?

A: Occasionally, if epidural analgesia is started very early, labor might slow for a very short period of time, but more often, epidural analgesia shortens labor because the patient is more relaxed and the baby comes down easier.

Q: Will I receive a bill from Atlantic Anesthesia, Inc.?

A: Yes. You will receive a bill for this professional care separate from your obstetrician’s bill and the hospital bill. Although the hospital bill will include anesthesia related supplies provided by the hospital, it does not include our professional fee.

You can call (757) 473-0044 for questions regarding our billing policies.