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Anesthesia services : pain management faqs

Q: Why am I not myself since my chronic pain began or recurred?

A: Psychological effects are always a part of any pain problem. Anyone with pain has a psychological response to the pain. Many patients with chronic pain have feelings or anger, depression, hopelessness or fear. Also, pain can cause disruption of normal sleep, interfere with work or alter relationships. It is often important to have psychological consultation and therapy with many pain problems, and should not be regarded as a sign of weakness.

Q: Do I need a pain specialist?

A: Many pain problems can be treated by your primary doctor. If your doctor cannot reduce your pain well enough or requires assistance from our specialized techniques, a consultation with our group may be in order. Your doctor can refer you to our doctors at Consultants in Pain Medicine, Inc.

Q: Why should I not eat or drink before my appointment?

A: Most appointments will include an injection procedure in addition to consultation if this seems appropriate. As with Surgery and anesthesia, if a procedure will be done, you should have an empty stomach in case of a complication.

Q: Why must I have a ride home?

A: After most procedures, certain nerves will be blocked and you may have numbness or weakness in your feet, hands or back. You should plan not to drive all day.

Q: Should I take my regular medications as usual before an appointment even if I shouldn’t eat or drink?

A: Yes. Take your usual medications as you normally would, but use sips of water to swallow them. If you take Insulin or blood sugar medicine, check with our office. If you take blood thinners, such as aspirin, coumadin, or heparin, check with our office.

Q: Will I receive a bill from Consultants in Pain Medicine, Inc.?

A: Yes. You will receive a bill for this professional care separate from the hospital and/or personal doctor bill.

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