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Atlantic Anesthesia Anesthesiologists, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, and Post-Operative Nurses practice at the following locations:

Sentara Norfolk General Hospital
AAI Site Director – Timothy Holroyd, M.D.
Office: (757) 388-4871
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AAI Site Director – Charles Etheridge, M.D.
Office: (757) 388-4871
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Sentara Leigh Hospital
AAI Site Director – Eric Albrect, M.D.
Office: (757) 388-4871
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Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC)
AAI Site Director – G. Byron Work, M.D.
Office: (757) 388-4871
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Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital
AAI Site Director – Wayne Bergen, M.D.
Office: (757) 395-6769
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Virginia Beach Ambulatory Surgery Center (VBASC)
AAI Site Director – Charlie Wilder, M.D.
Office: (757) 395-6769
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To find out more information about these facilities, please go to www.sentara.com and click on the Hospitals & Facilities tab.

Chronic Pain Management Office:

Pain Medicine
Director – Martin V. Ton, M.D.
Consultants in Pain Medicine

1080 First Colonial Road, Suite 201
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454
Office: (757) 395-6450

Billing Office

134 Business Park Drive
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462
Office: (757) 473-0044


HolrodyMessage from Timothy Holroyd, M.D.
Sentara Norfolk General Hospital AAI Site Director

As the flagship hospital of the Sentara system, Sentara Norfolk General Hospital has a long history of providing tertiary care to the community in a high acuity setting. For several decades, Atlantic Anesthesia has been the primary provider of anesthesia care at the hospital. We take pride in delivering the highest quality of care for the most difficult cases on many of the sickest patients in the area, regardless of their circumstances. For the last few years, I have had the privilege to act as Site Director and Anesthesiology Department Chair at SNGH where our focus is to constantly strive to find ways to improve the quality of care while trying to make the experience of being a patient as easy as possible. Atlantic Anesthesia provides care for a vast variety of specialties including Trauma, Urology, Plastic Surgery, ENT, General Surgery, Orthopedics, Vascular and others while remaining committed to continuing medical education for a state of the art practice. We maintain a close relationship with hospital administration to improve access and efficiency for both our surgeons and patients. As Site Director, it is my goal to represent Atlantic Anesthesia as we continue our long tradition of dedication to quality medical care.


EtheridgeMessage from Charles Etheridge, M.D.
OSDU AAI Site Director

While Sentara Norfolk General Hospital is well known as a tertiary care hospital, it also is the home of an excellent outpatient Surgery facility. The very same doctors who provide intense levels of care throughout SNGH also work in the Outpatient Surgery and Diagnostic Unit (OSDU).

As lead anesthesiologist for SNGH's OSDU, I am very pleased that we can provide this degree of service in a manner that is very convenient for patients and quite effective for our surgeons as well. We meet and exceed expectations of what an outpatient unit can offer.


BundschuhMessage from Eric Albrecht, M.D.
Sentara Leigh Hospital AAI Site Director

Atlantic Anesthesia Inc. has been providing the anesthetic services at Sentara Leigh Hospital since the hospital moved to its present location in 1974. Our partnership with Sentara Leigh Hospital has included treatment of all surgical patients, providing emergency and acute pain services for all inpatients, and Atlantic Anesthesia was very instrumental in the planning, development and continued growth of the hospital’s outstanding Labor and Delivery suite. Our focus has been and will continue to be excellent patient care, responsiveness to the needs of our referring physicians, and a continued partnership with Sentara Leigh Memorial’s staff to provide the highest quality medical care in the region. It has been my honor to practice anesthesiology at this hospital for the past twenty years and I look forward to assisting in Sentara Leigh Hospital’s ongoing medical leadership for our community and exemplary service for our patients.        


WorkMesage from William P. Bundschuh M.D.
Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) AAI Site Director

The Sentara Leigh Hospital Ambulatory Surgery Center at Sentara Leigh Hospital is a full service ambulatory center providing quality care in a pleasant environment. The training and depth of experience of the staff equates to a safe and comfortable experience for our patients. With our board certified surgeons and anesthesiologists and highly trained nurse anesthetists, patients can be assured their surgical experience will be of the highest quality. As the first ambulatory surgical center in the region, SLHASC has led the way in developing first rate outpatient care for residents of this region and prides itself on being on the forefront of current medical practice. As a center which is physically attached to a full-service hospital, patients are assured of the availability of a full range of medical specialties and services without having to travel to another facility. As medical director, I am proud to be part of the Sentara Leigh Hospital Ambulatory Surgery Center's commitment to excellence.


BergenMessage from Wayne Bergen, M.D.
Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital AAI Site Director

As the Director of Anesthesia for Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital, it is not difficult for me to find the path to excellence in service. I need only follow in the footsteps of the physician leaders of Atlantic Anesthesia who came before me. In a rich tradition of service to the Virginia Beach community, we continue to search out new and innovative methods to provide only the highest quality anesthetic care to our customers. In cooperation with hospital staff, surgeons, and administration, we are working every day to improve the safety, efficiency, and cost of your care in the surgical arena. Through our representation on hospital committees such as Credentialing, Operating Room, Physician Quality, and the Medical Staff Executive Committee, Atlantic Anesthesia helps to shape not only your anesthetic care, but also every facet of care that you receive in the hospital.

I feel honored and privileged to have been a part of this organization since 1989 and look forward to serving the medical community of Virginia Beach in the future.


BergenMessage from Charlie Wilder, M.D.
Virginia Beach Ambulatory Surgery Center (VBASC) AAI Site Director

Over the past twenty years, I have had the good fortune to have worked alongside graduates of some of the most prestigious anesthesiology programs in the country. Atlantic Anesthesia has a tradition of providing leadership in anesthesiology for Hampton Roads, the Commonwealth of Virginia and the nation. One of my early mentors in the “Snyder Group” was a pioneer of ambulatory anesthesia in southeastern Virginia, and I have strived over the course of my career to match the high standards of quality patient care and service established by Atlantic.

The Virginia Beach Ambulatory Surgery Center (VBASC), collaboratively owned by Sentara Healthcare and by physicians, has led the way in providing quality patient care in Virginia Beach for almost twenty years. Results of independent patient surveys that compare patient satisfaction in ambulatory care facilities nationally, indicate that from dental to general surgery, from pediatric to geriatric patients, VBASC ranks among the nation’s best in delivering high quality, personalized out-patient care. Within the surgical community, VBASC is known for its efficient operating room processes, excellent physician relationships, experienced staff and excellent patient outcomes. As the Medical Director of VBASC, it is my pleasure to be part of the outstanding traditions of Atlantic Anesthesia and Virginia Beach Ambulatory Surgery Center.