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Administrative Services
Financial: our 40+ years of proven long-term success has provided us with a solid foundation for future growth and service:

Program Implementation: we integrate new programs quickly and seamlessly.  In our recent orientation to the PICIS automated record keeping system, for example, we prioritized the adaptation to the system by allowing each of our 160 providers to attend 4 hours of instruction.

OR and Service Support: we provide ongoing support for new operating rooms and services including:

OR and Staff Integration: our daily schedule design results in flexible staffing of the ORs with fewer disruptions.

Customer Service: we provide resolution of anesthesia service complaints with our service-oriented providers.

A key to improved quality and efficiency is AAI’s Advancing Excellence Process. We monitor a variety of important quality metrics that ensure excellent patient outcomes. We consider you our partners in achieving world-class performance in the operating room.

The following initiatives represent ways Atlantic Anesthesia’s commitment to innovative practices and excellent results has brought about an improvement in outcomes and has helped to prevent adverse outcomes:

Cost Savings
We know keeping costs down is a major objective. Our cost-saving initiatives help you reach your financial goals.

Data for these efforts are gathered through many venues including: